Akoma APC

Okay so the thing be say, yesterday norr wey adey move from Osu go Circle. As I enter the troski inside, then I want sit the mate ein body norr but I see some lightskin girl for the back seat.. wey then empty space dey, so I change my mind sharp go sit ein body.

She dey pap waa – ebi only some red lipstick she put on, no other makeup. From the way then the lips no make sorkyii, I get vim say then ebi MAC matte red lipstick she use. She be nurse, because then she dey wear the standard white-white-white. Then she get earpiece for ein ears inside wey she dey blaze music for the highest volume. Me sef adey sit ein body, then adey hear am – wey ebi hip-hop she dey soak so I see say she be hard girl.

See, I know say the earpiece and the whole don’t-talk-to-me vibe she dey exude be sake of niggas dey always move to am for troskis inside and tings because she be fine but… me, abi different guy. So then I for move to am regardless, shoot my shot.

Luckily enough then we two pɛ we dey the back seat, wey e be dem three-on-a-row troskis some so more space to socialize and skpaish.

I tap ein arm lightly, because the way she plug ein ears like multi-socket deɛ then I know say my Hello’s all go make beans. She watch my face after I tap am. As I start dey smile make I talk my Hi wey I kai say my face dey bore, so my smile sef no comot better. Be like the way my face gyimi funny am, cuz she mohm smile at me wey I get vim small.


I see say she reduce the volume for the phone top wey she too respond plus Hi.

‘Adey sick o, nurse.. you fit help me?’

At this point, she comot the earpiece from ein ears wey she really watch me now.

“What’s wrong with you?” she biz me.

‘Ano dey feel better o, nurse. As I enter this troski norr something dey do me.‘ I adjust my body small for the seat top.

She chork it wey she biz me say, “Where exactly are you feeling this?”

I eye am wey I tell am say, ‘M’akoma.’

By the time she source say adey try move to am then e make too late because she catch ein bus stop wey she for alight – that be why adey here, Aunty Nurse. I come join this long queue, now e reach my turn. Help me find this nurse so say she fit help me. Abeg.

“Ah. So this is why you came to the hospital this early morning? Emohm ewiase paa”

Yes Aunty Nurse.. adey beg. I know say she dey work for here but ano fit get ein name yestee. So if ugo fit just go the inside there then tell am say adey search am, I go thank you waa.

“But wait o, how did you know she works here.. you didn’t even get her name.”

Oh yea, but me, my eye be sharp waa.. I see the New Hope Clinic logo for ein small bag top, that be why I come here.

“Herh! I don’t think you’re normal.. sit down and let me check your vitals, young man.”

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