Thirteen spells Disaster

Hijab for Allah, Ass for Abdullah

Adey Kai

Akoma APC

She Take Dash Me


Dem Take Do Me Fresh

A Bloody Hell…

Dearly Departing…

Last Seen Online

Queer Fetish : Twilight In Ashaley Botwe

Unexpecting The Expected 

Somebody, herb me please!

Feelings, Literature and Adulterous Things 


“Love Is Enough” they said. 

One or Two Distins

Butter My Bread, Sugar My Kooko

based on a tro story III

based on a tro story II

Love Forever… or maybe Three Months.

based on a tro story…

Cereal, Milk and A Body Bag

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Hip hip hip?

Potter’s Detention

Safe In The Closet

Blood, Lust and Fanged things

Nothing Was Ever The Same Again

Six Word Story: Help

Six Word Story: Betrayal

Mala Suerte

The Moment I Made It

The Boy Who Cried Meow

Morning Rounds


The Visitor

A Cock-And-Whose Story

7th March In A Compound House.

As He Saw It


Confessions Of A Naive Kid