Confessions Of A Naive Kid

Friday Night was finally here.  I had been bugging Quodjo all week that I’d be coming to his end that night, and I really wanted to… or at least that had been my plan all week long. I couldn’t be blamed, as I had earlier seen flyers of a birthday drink-up at his hostel-apartment, coming off that Friday night. I had planned to go get my rightful share of whatever was promised on that flyer: Girls, Free Drinks, More Girls, Good Music, Free Meat, and oh… Girrrlllsss. You can see why I was hyped and I could even spend the night in Quodjo’s room if the night got wilder, which I hoped it would.

Skips how I had a very tiring day that Friday.

Skips how I didn’t take my afternoon nap and went to play soccer with the guys instead.

Skips how I painfully broke my pinky toe because of the soccer.

Skips how I didn’t want to go to the drink-up anymore because my broken toe hurt like hell.

Skips how I got to know Quodjo’s female friend, who I was crushing on, was also going to visit him that night.

So damn right, I fully made my mind to go to Quodjo’s hostel that night.  I get to party and be with my crush… I get to party and be with my crush… I get to party and be with my crush. That was all that ran through my mind as I limped my way to Quodjo’s hostel, because broken toe. The party was going hard or that was what I thought when I got to the junction to the hostel, because I could hear the loud music from all the way.

Skips how I finally reached the hostel but the party the kinda flopped because the “DJ” wasn’t on point.

Skips how I went back inside to watch movie with Quodjo and my crush.

Skips how it got very late and wasn’t safe for my crush to go back to her apartment.

Skips how there a was a black out because a malfunctioning transformer.

Skips how the sleeping arrangement was sorted and Quodjo had to go sleep in the other room.

So I found myself not-in-my-bed, lying next to not-by-myself, with the whole place dark and hot. She lay next to me, with her back facing me, trying to finish the movie she had began. The urge to just reach out and grab her ass, I lost count. The feeling to just yank her towards me and kiss her senseless, I fought back. I just lay there, playing… playing it cool, playing with my phone, playing a word game, letting my fancy dirty thoughts play with me. The damn laptop won’t run out of battery power? I yelled within me, hoping the PC would hear my pathetic telepathic Morse Code: Help A Nigga Out.

Damn these Toshiba laptops! Naive me,  I still lay there beside her, clueless. I got all sorts of mixed signals, reading into what there wasn’t, ignoring what there was… getting more confused than a broken Kaneshie traffic light. I got fed up with my game apps as I wasn’t about my usual wits needed to play these word games. I could as well blame myself for that because, the blood that had to flow to my brain to let me keep a level head was flowing to another head. And that voice in my mind kept throwing snide comments at me, making me cower into the dark cold recesses of my mind.

Skips how I wanted to tell her I’d been crushing on her for a long while but I couldn’t even find my voice.

Skips how I got tired of all the games on my phone so I downloaded Ruzzle from the Playstore.

Skips how I didn’t even get anyone online to play the game with, so i painfully uninstalled.

Skips how i almost played Subway Surfers on my phone but remembered just in time that I still had my self-respect

Skips how I remembered I had lights back my place but was here sleeping in someone’s room, hot and full of mosquitoes.

The laptop finally got shut down, my prayer answered, but now what? It was past 2am, and we both lay crammed side by side on the bed, the room totally dark now. We lay there, fully aware of each other’s presence, listening to melodious symphony of our breathing. Oh well, it was melodious to me. Silence. It was so quiet it was loud, the silence was somewhat deafening. We suddenly heard a loud snort from the next room… yup, Quodjo’s epic snoring. We both burst out giggling like kids on a Christmas morning, we couldn’t help it. We giggled, talked on end into the dawn of Saturday morning, more like whispering in the dark. I didn’t want it to end, but I wanted more… more physical contact perhaps.

Then my hand brushed mildly brush against her thighs… the spark… Fuck it… I ignored all cautions my inner voice threw at me. I reached out and grabbed her ass. I yanked her towards me and kissed her hungrily. I traced her jawline with my fingers, kissing her even more, suckling on her lower lip. All that I wanted to tell her, I let my hands do the talking, caressing, fondling….

I woke up tired, I didn’t get enough sleep. My eyes hurt, they had not been shut for long. I lay there confused, what really happened?

She woke up tired? Maybe. She woke up early, she had to go back to her place. She didn’t act like anything happened, so why did I lie there confused?

….Or wait! Did I really do all that? ’twas all in my head, all a constructed dream. The urge to just reach out and grab her ass, I lost count. The feeling to just yank her towards me and kiss her senseless, I fought back.

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