It was late in the evening and Annie was feeling a little bored. She was not one to procrastinate so she didn’t really find it surprising that she had a pretty free schedule that evening. After satisfying her OCD urges and rearranging her kitchen spices alphabetically, she decided to take a cold bath. Memories of cold tub baths came flooding in and she couldn’t wait till her bare buttocks touched the bottom of the expensive ceramic tub one of her previous lovers had purchased for her; she relished the soothing feeling cold baths always brought her. She looked around the living room of her apartment trying to find her phone charger; she had low battery. As she searched high and low, she realized how huge the apartment was, and how jealous it would make the other girls. She wouldn’t call herself spoilt, but her apartment was quite lavish and it could easily make other girls her age, envy her. Though she worked part-time as the receptionist of a modeling and photography agency, she didn’t earn enough to be able to acquire most of the home appliances she owned. but she had a sugarda…… This was the reason why she seldom invited people over to her apartment; How would she explain all these?

Where the hell is my charger? She had spent the past seven minutes searching for her phone charger and she was quickly running out of ideas on where else to search. Her battery juice was draining faster than a Teshie boy sipping on ice-kenkey and she had to find it quick.

Beep Beeeepp! She checked her phone for the notification, Oh Shit 4%! She rushed to the bedroom and tossed her pillows aside, and there it was, the charger. She quickly inserted and connected it to the wall socket and she smiled at the lit phone screen, confirming that the phone was charging.

Now time for that bath, she thought to herself. Slowly, she started stripping in front of her dressing mirror. With each item of clothing that came off, she remembered nights when someone else had taken off her clothes. She couldn’t help but admire her full nudity as she watched the reflection stare back at her; she loved her curves, each one of them. The perks of living alone; she hated having roommates. Naked and content, she walked to the adjoining bathroom and lowered herself into the pre-run bath water. She quivered slightly when she dipped her leg into the water, Ooossshh! The water is colder than I thought. She shrugged inwardly and slowly submerged herself into the water, ignoring the splashes that escaped onto the floor.

She lay in the tub with her head propped up against the head-rest reminiscing how her life had been over the past few months, years perhaps. She just lay there in the tub, filtering the random thoughts that entered her mind. Ben. She tried to let that train of thought slip by as she thought of how her work went that day… We had quite a number of bookings and photo-shoots. Oh yeah and that cute guy who passed-by today, what was his name again? Errrrr…

No, not Ben. She couldn’t help but chuckle at her mind’s resolve to brood over that topic. Ben had been one her longest flings. He had been the most fun, the most entertaining, and the most daring. Ben had been open to experimenting sexually; they went at it like wild beasts, defying all rules of gravity and sanity. Her thoughts trailed to that one crazy night they had spent indoors watching the 2-hour-long Kama Sutra movie. That night she had amazed herself; Annie and Ben had uninterruptedly reenacted all 36 of the sex positions. She thought of their various escapades and she realized how much she missed him; but he was here no more.

She didn’t even realize the exact moment she started touching herself in the bath tub. She felt herself growing with need. Her trip down memory lane had not only opened a memory she had pushed out of her head, but also triggered her sensual feelings. Her breaths were in short shallow gasps now. Not sure whether it was the not-so-warm water or just her sexual desires coming alive. She didn’t care. It had been too long without sex and her memories were enough to turn her on. She had been sitting with her arms resting on the edge of the tub, thinking about her past sexual encounters. Slowly, her right hand made its way into the water. Might as well… With her middle finger she slowly parted her lower lips; with her eyes closed she imagined the Peg position. She felt herself getting wet. She found her way to her opening and slowly inserted her finger… it was wet with the juices from her core. She could feel the warm liquid collecting inside her and she moaned a little bit. Finding her clit, she stroked it, she loved the knobby feeling against her finger. Her other hand firmly grabbing her left boob. The clit-left boob combo always made her weak, took her breath away. She had discovered this while she was with Ben. She bit her lip, feeling the surge of energy; the pulsating need building within her… increasing the tempo of her movements, not minding the few splashes she made. Slowly, she inserted her long middle finger fully inside her till she felt the rough walls that played a part in bringing her orgasm. She stroked the walls with the tip of her finger slowly. I’m glad I took those nails off, she mumbled to herself. The feelings were snowballing and her G-spot was throbbing in agreement; it was time to blow. She could feel herself arching her back, the firm swellings of her breasts rising above the tub-water level…

She suddenly stopped, her ears sharp, hoping to pick up what she thought she’d just heard: the muffled sound of her stool falling in the living room. She hastily clambered out of the bath-tub, dripping wet…… with water from the tub of course, but she hoped she could have gotten off earlier. She threw on her bath robe and dashed into the living room of her apartment, hoping not to slip and fall. There stood the stool, right where it was supposed to be apparently. But I thought I heard someone in here. She looked around the room and went to check the door lock. It all seemed to be in order, nothing out of place. She went over to the window and locked it this time. She frowned, kicking herself for not getting off in the tub before checking whatever this intrusion was, especially when she was so close… Now I have blue balls vulva. She headed back to the bath-tub, feeling a slight discomfort and ache as a result of the interruption. She had the nagging intuition to check her bedroom, at least to check the percentage of her phone battery now.

Errr.. There’s something wrong here, she thought as she opened the door to the bedroom and walked in. I’m damn sure I plugged in my charger before going for my shower. She froze where she stood, looking at her tossed phone somewhere on the bed, far away  from the wall socket, with her charger disconnected.

Krrrassssxcxxshhx! She reeled at the sound of glass breaking in the kitchen and on cue she took off. She was at the door in seconds. Three metallic clicks later she found herself out of her room, leaving the door swung wide open, running down the corridor, screaming for help. She descended down the flight of stairs barefooted, still clad in her bathrobe and shower cap, hoping to put enough distance between her and whoever the intruder was. Where’s everyone living in this condominium? She was not surprised that no one had come out to her rescue. Aside from the fact most people were out partying on such a Friday night, all the apartments were furnished with sound-proof doors. She bumped into someone two floors after her descent; he was unlocking the door to his apartment. He eyed her, somewhat surprised at her choice of outfit for the night.

Intruder… up.. in.. myroo..mm..help” she panted out to him, as  he ushered her into his room, looking over his shoulder for any sign of someone else approaching; locking the door behind them. She settled in a sofa, finally calming down. He came over and squatted in front of her, helping her calm down.

Breathe.. Breathe.. Are you hurt?”

She shook her head vigorously, mumbling a shallow No.

“Good, good.. Were you able to see the intruder? Did you see his face?”

She paused and thought for a while to assert the fact that the intruder was indeed male.

“Were you able to take your phone? Did it finish charging?” he whispered.

He saw a mixed feeling of danger and shock register on her face.

How did he know I was charging my phone? She looked down at his sneakers and saw fragments of shattered glass embedded in his lace. She clasped her palm over her mouth, letting everything dawn on her…

“It was you?!”

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